At WCC, Membership certainly has it’s Privileges!

As a member of the WCC, not only are you a part of a sport steeped in a rich heritage and tradition, you enjoy the benefits of one of the best sports clubs in all of Wisconsin! 

First year membership includes a broom and a slider so there is nothing stopping you from getting on the ice!

Membership in WCC you will provide you many intra-club activities in addition to league play. Our goal is provide our members with many opportunities to hone their curling skills through club bonspiels such as the one just for Leads and Seconds, or the FunSpiel! AND -- We include all softdrinks and barley-rendered adult beverages consumed from our tap in your membership!

"Curling seems to attract the best kind of people. And a lot of them are here at the Wauwatosa Curling Club!"

-- Robin Moore

Being a member is also a privilege!

We are a volunteer club and so that means we do ask you to role your sleeves up and pitch in. And that you treat the club as your own – but remember that your mother does not live here and you must pick up after yourself!

WCC is known far and wide as one of (if not THE most) friendly, fun, hospitable, curling clubs. When a Tosa team comes to play we are competitive and are respectful of the game. But Tosa teams have a great time traveling around to bonspiels from San Fransisco to Cape Cod! We do expect that our members to conduct themselves accordingly when representing our club here on our home ice, or at another club.

For more information on membership, or to inquire about Open House and Learn to Curl opportunities, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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