An Open Event, where any regular member, male or female, may play in any position.  Teams made up voluntarily.  Event Committee will attempt to form teams from those individuals not on a team who sign up for this event.

1.    Teams will play a round robin schedule. If participation warrants, multiple divisions will be formed with a round robin played within each division.

2.    Games are 6 or 8 ends, determined by the event chair prior to the start of the schedule.  A losing team may elect to quit before finishing the game.  Tied games may be decided by whatever means the Skips desire, but first shift games may not play more than one additional end if a second shift game is scheduled for that sheet of ice.

3.    No end shall start 10 minutes before the next shift is scheduled.  The next end has started when the last rock of the preceding end has come to rest.

4.    A team must have a minimum of three curlers to play a game.  When playing a 3 person team, the first two position players will throw three rocks each.  No penalty points applicable.

5.    A team unable to begin play at the scheduled time will give up one point and one end for each ten minutes the game is delayed.


This is a non-rated event open to curlers of all ages and skill level. Event takes place on Wed mornings. This is a great way to get on the ice in a non-competitive format. Games are 6 ends.


Wauwatosa Mixed Curling Event, scheduled on Saturday’s November through January.  Games will be 8 ends. Pins will be awarded to winners.  French Event winner’s names are inscribed on the French Trophy. Teams formed by members or with the assistance of the Games committee.


All member rated club event curled in February and March on Mondays.  Teams are formed by Games Committee from regular members requesting participation through online registration. Rated Event Rules apply as do Rules of Competition for Club Events.



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