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At WCC, Membership certainly has it’s Privileges!

No frequent flier miles here – something much better!  As a member of the WCC, not only are you a part of a sport steeped in a rich heritage and tradition, you enjoy the benefits of one of the best sports clubs in all of Wisconsin! 

First year membership includes a broom and a slider so there is nothing stopping you from getting on the ice!  How cool is that!!

Membership in WCC you will provide you many intra-club activities in addition to league play.  Our goal is provide our members with many opportunities to hone their curling skills through club bonspiels such as the one just for Leads and Seconds, or the FunSpiel! AND -- We include all softdrinks and barley-rendered adult beverages consumed from our tap in your membership!

"Curling seems to attract the best kind of people. And a lot of them are here at the Wauwatosa Curling Club!"

-- Robin Moore

Being a member is also a privilege!

We are a volunteer club and so that means we do ask you to role your sleeves up and pitch in.  And that you treat the club as your own – but remember that your mother does not live here and you must pick up after yourself!

WCC is known far and wide as one of (if not THE most) friendly, fun, hospitable, curling clubs.  When a ‘Tosa team comes to play we are competitive and are respectful of the game.  But Tosa teams have a great time traveling around to bonspiels from San Fransisco to Cape Cod! We do expect that our members to conduct themselves accordingly when representing our club here on our home ice, or at another club.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help make your fi rst few months as a new member feel more comfortable with how things work around here, we have put together this Frequently Asked Questions packet. Use this to answer some of the common off- and on-ice questions about YOUR club. You will learn a lot more once you get on the ice and start curling. But always feel free to ask any member of the club if you have a question. We have new members every year and anyone you ask should be able to help you out!

Why can’t I wear my curling shoes outside of the club?
The bottom line is to keep the ice clean. Wearing your curling shoes outside and then up on the ice will bring in salt, dirt, small stones etc. So wear a different pair into the club and change before your draw.
What’s the address of the club?
Address: 7300 Chestnut Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53213 Phone: 414.453.CURL (2875) Email:
Where can I find a schedule of events?
The club web page has a list of scheduled events. It may not always have a current draw sheet for your specifi c event so make sure you hang on to the schedule that your event chair sends out at the beginning.
What do my dues cover?
The dues help cover our costs to maintain the physical structure of the club, the electric, heating and cable bills, pretty much like your own house. But it also covers the beer and soda. You are allowed to bring in your own beverage, but the expectation is that drinking will be done in a responsible manner.
Why do we have to sit down with the other team when we come off the ice?
Curling is a game of tradition and sportsmanship. You will fi nd there are many traditions OF sportsmanship curlers adhere to that go back not only decades, but centuries. Just like when you start and end a game, you shake hands and express “Good Curling”, or “Nice Curling”. When you come off the ice, the winners buy the drinks. (or get them from the bar) and you discuss the strategy, the good shots, the missed shots, the “missed it by that much” shots, etc. Plus it gives the newer curlers a chance to learn from the more experienced curlers about how to improve their game.
How do I find a sub if I can’t make it to my league night?
It is your responsibility to fi nd your own sub if you can’t make it to your scheduled draw. Almost all the leagues have a list of people who are interested in subbing. When you know you are going to be missing from a game you should follow these steps:

1. Let your skip know that you are going to be missing and that you will fi nd a sub. While it is not the skip’s job to fi nd someone, they may direct you to call some people.

2. Call or e-mail the people on the sub list to see if they can fi ll in for you. If you fi nd someone, make sure they know who they are subbing for, what time your draw is, and what the name of your skip is. Then call your skip to inform her or him.

3. If you have called, e-mailed and asked around and you haven’t had any luck fi nding a sub, talk to your skip one more time and let them know that you haven’t been able to fi nd a sub. They probably know a lot more people at the club and can do some arm twisting to fi nd a sub.

As you get to know more people at the club it will get to be easier to fi nd subs.
What if I find out at the last minute I can’t make it to my league night?
If something comes up and you can’t make your draw time, please make sure you let your skip know right away that you will not make the game. Often there will be people hanging out at the club that can be a last minute sub for you if your team knows that you are not coming. If you are cancelling last minute and can’t reach your skip, go ahead and call the curling club at (414) 453-CURL about ten minutes before your game and tell who ever answers who you are, who your skip is, and that you won’t be making it. Everyone understands that things come up, but you need to let your team know that you will not be there.
I keep hearing people talk about going to bonspiels, what is that?
A Bonspiel is a curling tournament. Every club hosts a few of these events every year. You will fi nd Men’s, Women’s, Mixed and Open format bonspiels going on somewhere in Wisconsin almost every weekend of the curling season. Trips to Bonspiels are a lot of fun and get talked about quite a bit around the club. Bonspiels combine curling with the fun of a road trip and the fun of meeting a lot of curlers from other clubs. It may take you a year or two of curling to get invited to go along to an out of town bonspiel. A great way to understand what bonspiels are all about is to participate in the smaller one day bonspiels that our club does (see below) and to volunteer to help out at the bonspiels that our club hosts.
What are these one day bonspiels that I can do?
There are several 1 or 2 day bonspiels that are held just for members of the club. There is usually a theme and may have a slightly different set of rules, like throwing for the ‘least’ amount of points, ie: a ‘Leaster’. As a new curler you are encouraged to sign-up for our intraclub events. They are a great way to get more practice time on the ice and meet more of your fellow ‘Tosa Curlers! The KrautSpiel, Mac4Fun, Chilispiel, FunSpiel and the Men’s IntraClub are a few of the fun events taking place throughout the year. Check out the club room bulletin board, and watch your email and the website calendar for more information. There are also other one day events, like the Stu Trey where we curl against other clubs. Just another way to enjoy the sport, the people and have a lot of fun!
Do we really need to be out of the building by midnight?
Yes, our contract with the City states that we have to be out of the building by midnight. The City custodians need to lock up with we leave, so please be respectful of them and start moving out of the clubroom at 11:45 pm. That also means that by 11:30 pm you should be making sure everything is cleaned up in the clubroom. Tables should be wiped down, the bar cleaned up, and dished and glasses cleaned and put away.
Don’t the custodians clean up after us?
No. The city custodians vacuum our fl oor and take out the plastic garbage bags. Everything else we need to clean up. We are an all-volunteer club, so ever member needs to take responsibility to clean up after themselves and the clubroom. No one wants to clean up after the previous night’s curlers. Someone will be happy to show you how to run the glass washer and how to clean up in the kitchen.
Clean up the kitchen and bar, I thought I was here to curl?
The on ice time is only part of the sport. The unwritten rule of curling is that you always spend some time socializing as a team with the team you just played. You will notice there are 4 tables in the trophy area of the clubroom each with 8 chairs at it. So the 8 people that play on sheet 1 will go down and sit at the fi rst table in the clubroom. It gives you a chance to get to know your teammates as well as getting to know the team you just played. Many people choose to bring some snacks along to share during this socializing time and you can feel free to use the kitchen if you want to cook some food.
So what do I need to know when I’m up on the ice?
There’s a lot of tradition and etiquette that goes into this sport. Despite being invented by those Hooligans the Scots, and seemingly perfected by those Hoser’s the Canadians, it is about sportsmanship. Don’t worry, you’re not going to be expected to know all of these things the fi rst time you step onto the ice. But we hope this helps you ease into becoming part of the club and a good Curler!

- Take a few minutes to warm-up downstairs in the clubroom: i.e., – stretch, squats, trunk twists. Then, once you’re up on the ice, take a warm-up slide out from the hack. Trust me, your legs, back and arms will thank you!
- Remember, the ice is slippery. Seems like a silly thing to say, but you won’t believe how many people forget from time-to-time! When you put your slider on, lean against something to steady you and then ‘slide’, do not try to ‘walk’. Or you’ll be reminded that the ice is also quite hard, too . . .!
- Do not move stones with a foot. That only leaves one foot on the ice and that can be dicey. Push the stone with your broom! • Always begin a game wishing your opponents and your team ‘Good Curling’ with a hand shake and a smile. Likewise at the end, congrats or a ‘nice game’ ends the contest in a sportsman-like manner.
- The 3rd (or Vice Skip) will toss a coin to determine who goes fi rst. Loser picks the color of the stones for the game. Leads should be ready in the hack because they throw fi rst. Do not worry about cleaning up the house...the 2nds and 3rds will do that.
- It is considered good form to get out your opponents stone to help keep the game going.
- Once in the hack, you can clean the bottom of your stone, being careful to wipe any debris to the side so as not to interfere with it’s performance.
- When you are not throwing or sweeping, you should stand above the hog line near the sidelines to stay out of the way of the team coming down the ice.
- If there is a question regarding the closeness of stones, do not enter ‘the house’ unless you are skip, the 3rd or asked to do so by the skip.
- If your broom or part of your body touches the stone as it is coming down the ice, it is ‘burned’ and is taken out of play. (See ‘Men with Brooms’ . . .hysterical!)

Well that should about do it. We hope this proves a helpful document and makes you feel more at ease the fi rst few times you are among the group. Try to remember to wear your name tag so we can all learn who you are and vice versa! As we go through the year there will always be ‘new curlers’. So help them out too. One more thing, since we are a volunteer club, which helps us keep our dues as low as they are, you will be expected to pitch in help with certain events. For instance, when we host the Men’s Bonspiel in March, we need LOTS of help to keep this 130 event running smoothly. When we hold a weekend bonspiel for the club, even if you don’t want to curl, the folks running the event will need help with preparing the food, bartending or clean up. And with this being an Olympic year, the open house and Learn To Curl events will take a whole club effort to capitalize on the exposure. So don’t be shy! Sign-up and you will still have a great time!

You now are a member of The Wauwatosa Curling Club. Known far and wide as the nicest and friendliest Curlers around! Enjoy the game! Respect the Club. This is your House too!



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