2014 WCC Stick Spiel Results

Posted by Monday, November 11, 2013 9:06:00 AM

2014 Stick Spiel

The 2014 stick spiel was held on Saturday Nov. 8th.  12 teams of two took to the ice starting at 9:00 am and some furious curling ensued for the thru mid afternoon.  In the end, the team of Ken Van Till and Herb Rasmussen from the Kettle Moraine Curling Club emerged on top of the hill.  Results are as follows:

First Event   Ken VanTill/Herb Rasmussen (Kettle) first,   Bill Lohan/Barney Lohan  (Portage)  second

Second Event   Vic Hybenette/Jackie Hipke  (Tosa)  first    Mike Willeman/Mike Vigil  (Tosa)   second

Third Event   Roylee Pflughoeft/Rob Haagensen  (Tosa)  first   Jule Hoffman/John Hoffman  (Appleton)  second

Fourth Event   Sue Willeman/Lois Heiden  (Tosa)  first   Molly Powell/Rolf Jaegersberg  (Tosa)  Second

A huge THANK YOU to Sue Dropp and Kevin Crotty for running the spiel, great job.  Good luck to Kevin as he deals with his health issues.  Our thoughts are with you.  Also thanks to Matt Majewski (juice), Andrew Bergeson and several others for all the ice help and to Karen Haagenson, Kara Sacia, Kristi Sachs, Jane Plowman, Chris Schicantek, Elizabeth Turco and countless volunteers for helping with the kitchen, bar and clean up.  This was a great event to kick off the season.  Hope to see many others next year. 





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